Advantages of Custom-Made Over Ready-Made Furniture

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Are you planning to go out for shopping for new furniture but confused where to start? The golden rule is to have a good look at all the available options. Check online, nearby stores and some designer and high-end furniture stores. But the chance of finding the same thing as per your requirement is almost negligible. What to do in this situation?
It is best to go for customized furniture as it can bring an indispensable amount of design and style to the functionality of any space. It is one of the main reasons why custom made furniture is given so much importance in interior décor and design. Customers can now easily find exquisite and bold designs of simple to luxury furniture pieces for installation in residential and commercial spaces. Custom wood furniture Delhi stores and designers can offer something exclusive, something unique and something special.
Here are some reasons why you must choose custom wood furniture over readymade ones:
The custom made furniture has the knack for adapting to specific needs and requirements in terms of design, dimension, and size. You have the decision-making power of selecting every element including the type of fabric, type of stitching, materials used to construct the furniture, etc. You can even determine the furniture’s functional aspects as per your needs such as the number of drawers, fittings, doors, etc.
One of the best advantages of owning customized furniture is that it provides exclusivity in the space where it is installed. Bespoke furniture has a unique feel and look, as it reflects the person’s sensibilities and style. It adds a personal touch to any space.
When you invest in custom wood furniture Delhi, you are most assuredly getting good value for your money. The craftsman is focused on producing quality, one-off piece for you. Therefore he is more likely to put in his best effort. Since you’re also paying for good quality materials, you can be sure that your furniture piece will endure the test of time.
Most ready-made furniture is one-size-fits-all. If you’ve got a very small room that needs a bed or a very large room that needs a particular sized table, ready-made furniture just may not be suitable. Custom made furniture can be measured and constructed to suit a particular room’s dimensions. You can add or subtract as much storage space as you like. Apart from aesthetics, you will also get good functionality out of your customized piece.
Customized furniture enables you to recreate a high-end designer’s look for a lower price. Why invest in a designer desk that costs triple the amount when you can have the same desk built at half the cost?Apart from copying a designer piece, you may have a unique design in mind that you’d like to recreate. Only a customized furniture piece enables you to do that.
Many people mistakenly assume that customized furniture is expensive. Contrary to popular opinion, you have flexibility when it comes to spending. You can obtain custom made furniture within a specific budget. Not only are you getting a piece of your liking but it will likely have functionality as well.
Choosing custom wood furniture Delhi over ready-made furniture has many advantages for the buyer such as adaptability, exclusivity, quality, affordable cost, and customization. Above all, you end up with something worthwhile!

Choosing custom wood furniture Delhi over ready-made furniture has many advantages for the buyer such as adaptability, exclusivity, quality, affordable cost, and customization. Above all, you end up with something worthwhile!

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Teak Shower Bench

interior & bedroom furniture sets

Are you looking for a perfect shower bench to pep up your bathroom or to add convenience? Then investing in a piece of shower teak wood furnitureis a perfect idea. It is an elegant and classy item to have and has many advantages. If you’re still confused whether to invest in the teak shower bench or not, here are some compelling reasons to buy it:

1. Teak furniture is aesthetically pleasing
Teak is an attractive type of wood and thusextensively used by the top furniture designers. Teak wood furniture also ages well giving it a regal appearance over the time. Instead of picking a plastic or plywood shower bench in bright colors, add a touch of luxury by purchasing a teak wood shower bench.

2. Teak wood furniture is durable
Teak wood is a dense and the heaviest wood variety. The heart of a teak tree is concentrated with natural oils that strengthen and protects the wood, making it a sturdy material for making furniture. This quality of teak makes it ideal material for making furniture to be used around water.

3. Teak furniture is ideal for bathrooms
The oil in teak furniture provides natural protection from moisture, insects, and fungal growth. The oil also prevents water from penetrating the interior of thewood and keeps it sturdy. This makes teak an ideal choice for bathroom furniture.

4. Promotes foot health
The feet are the most neglected part of the body. Many of us do not possess the coordination skills to balance on one foot in the shower while scrubbing the other. This problem can easily be solved with an addition of a teak shower bench to your bathroom. You can comfortably sit down on your teak bench and give both feet the attention they deserve and easily scrub away callouses and dead skin.

5. Supports leg shaving
Having a teak furniture shower bench makes it easier to shave your legs. You no longer have to perform an awkward balancing act in the shower or put yourself at the risk of light-headedness. It is much easier to simply sit down on the shower bench and shave every inch of the legs.

6. Supports mobility impaired
Teak is a heavy wood variety therefore it is quite stable. This makes having a teak shower bench ideal for a person who has mobility issues. Sitting on a teak furniture shower bench provides comfort and stability while bathing.

7. Keeps shower organized
A teak shower bench is equipped with a shelf underneath the seat. This is an excellent place to store your shampoo, conditioner, shower cream and other bath-related items. Besides organization, these items are easily accessible during your shower. Not only it makes the bathroom look neater but also prevents the collection of water thus, preventing the growth of mildew.

8. Excellent gift idea
Wondering what to give your spouse for their birthday? A teak furniture shower bench is the best gift. Teak is a high quality and attractive piece of furniture. Your loved one will be happy and impressed by your gift. You can be sure that the gift will be used and will last for a long time.

9. Teak table can be used outside
A teak shower bench can be placed in the garden as well. The furniture has water and insect retardant properties, making it suitable for the outdoors near the garden, pool or patio.

10. Place it around the home
A teak table is attractive to look at. You can use it to add a decorative touch to any part of your home.

Teak wood furniture has a warm and inviting quality about it and comes is variety of shapes, styles, and size to choose from.

Bringing nature into your home

Bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors by adding natural elements to the interior spaces. Several ecological elements can be incorporated in to the decor scheme to turn the home into a cozy refuge.  With our lifestyles being rather stressful and chaotic, more so at work, this will not only provide warmth to spaces, but will improve mental health and help you remain calm and relaxed.

The size of the room should be your first consideration; the size and the color of the furniture play an important role in making the room look spacious. Whatever natural light the room gets should be channelized and put to the best possible use. Furthermore, the placement of the bed should be such that it’s not the first thing that you see when you walk into the room.

This entire experience of creating a natural habitat can be brought about by choosing furniture wisely. It is essential to pick up pieces that are finished in their natural character. The wood must be treated in a way that its natural grain is highlighted to perfection. The bed which is the central piece of the bedroom sets the mood; a raw wood bed from Knock on wood’s forest collection is a perfect example. A raw wood bench like the Ketch and a log lamp wood compliment the ambience.

The décor is further accentuated by keeping the walls neutral (in a palette of greys, creams and whites). The combination of such colors with wooden elements proves ideal to provide a warm setting. You can be experimental in terms of flooring and opt for brick tiling or choose light wooden flooring to help dark wood furniture remain the focal point in the room. In order to enhance the marriage of the indoor and outdoor spaces, mood lighting must be incorporated.

A few simple additions to the existing decor can freshen and brighten it up:

  1. Adding mirrors to walls- Mirrors reflect the ambience around them and are perfect way to dress up walls. Large mirror panels not only open up spaces they brighten them as well.  Reflecting light and colour mirrors magnify everything.
  2. Wall Murals –another great way to do u the walls is wall murals, in wood or any other material the mural adds a texture to the wall.
  3. Tables – adding an entrance table to your foyer , makes the house look more welcoming. An arrangement of flowers or candles or just coloured bottles and make the entrance of the house more celebratory
  4. Lights – the brighter the better. Chandeliers add glamour and cheer to a room. Adding a mood light to a corner of your living room creates drama and livens up a dead corner.

The aforementioned tips will help you interact with the outside while remaining indoors

Charmwood Village

Aarti specializes in creating a totally personal look for each client. Her passion for creating a distinctive look that is classy and elegant, expresses itself in the Charmwood Village project.

interior & bedroom furniture sets

The theme was simple, the couple was very happy with the material, wood and they wanted their home to reflect the same. Thus, the interiors carry a lot of wood to maintain a warm, rich feel. Aarti strongly believes the environment has to work for the client and they have to feel at ease.

The bed was made with different types and shades of wood. The thought behind using light and dark shades of the same color was to invoke a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. The brass in the headboard added the right amount of drama and worked wonders in the overall scheme.

“Home is a celebration of self and must tell stories as unique and special as one self”….though, Mr Gupta left all major decisions to his wife, he was very clear as to what he wanted for his bar. As a result, the bar is an absolute reflection of his idea.

Since the cabinet was being placed in the same area as the bar, we used a lighter shade of wood in order to avoid making the furniture look bulky. The burnt finish in the pine wood cabinet and bar added to the visual splendor.

The home is functional and organized from the word go. The team was delighted with the warm and welcoming environment they were able to create with their pieces.

– Aarti Aggarwal

Principal Designer, KNOCK ON WOOD

Clean and Care instructions

clean and care-7

1 .  Simply use a dry, soft, lint-free cloth for routine cleaning. Do not use any solvent or harsh cleaner.

2.  Periodically apply a coat or two of the oil provided to you along with your furniture. This will condition the wood, keeping it looking very natural with a matte finish while enhancing and protecting the wood grain.

3.  Even though the imperfections in the wood add to its allure, using coasters and place mats will help prevent unwanted stains and marks. Do not place hot items directly on your surface.

4.  Prevent spilling of bulk liquid on table. Cleanup any spill immediately.

5.  In order to prevent splitting, maintain even humidity conditions in your home. Try to keep humidity levels in your home between 40 and 45%. Any lower could crack the wood and any higher could cause swelling. For most of us, this means running a humidifier in the winter and an a/c or de-humidifier in the summer.

6.  Do not place in direct sunlight. This will help prevent against fading.

– Aarti Aggarwal

Principal Designer, KNOCK ON WOOD

Yours Truly- Designed with organization in mind

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The attention to detail in this collection is simply amazing. Each piece is designed with functionality in mind and will leave you feeling empowered. It is everything you seek in today’s day and age. You’d love to flaunt the mistress and PA in your home.Within tight spaces it is essential that order is maintained and each of the unit helps you achieve this motive. It provides you with a stylish and graceful medium to help you hide your necessities, stationery, tech gadgets and their bulky chargers.

– Aarti Aggarwal

Principal Designer, KNOCK ON WOOD

Ketch the Bench !!

Teak Wood Furniture

We at Knock On Wood, believe reclaimed wood has a look so distinct and lustrous that cannot be attained with other woods without excessive amounts of production and work. One can create stunning pieces out of reclaimed wood, one such example is the KETCH. Painstakingly made over a period of 9 months the ketch is a labour of love. The bench has been built with waste and reclaimed pieces of teak and other woods. The process of putting this piece together like a jigsaw puzzle is what lends it, its character. The bench is fit for indoors as well as the outdoors. Sanded and finished with white oil the ketch is ready to sail your living rooms or your gardens.

– Aarti Aggarwal

Principal Designer, KNOCK ON WOOD

The Knock On Wood Family

furniture makers

Knock On Wood’s manufacturing facility is located in the 40 acre JCBL campus and draws on exceptional technical brains, advanced & precision tools and R&D excellence to engineer truly unique design. We combine traditional manufacturing techniques with the latest technological methods to transform the finest materials into furniture that exudes both classic and contemporary persona.

This manufacturing facility is home to a team of expert carpenters, carvers, paint and polishes experts; welders, lathe operators, tool room experts; 5 axis router programmers and operators.

Our work at the studio and the workshop is closely linked. The design team meets clients at the studio where the process of ideation starts. This takes a concrete shape after sampling and inputs from our artisans.

– Aarti Aggarwal

Principal Designer, KNOCK ON WOOD

Unique by Default

Over the years the hospitality industry has transformed from an art to a science. The combined impact of shifting demographics and new technologies are the primary catalysts for this metamorphosis.The millennial generation that forms the largest segment of the hospitality industry doesn’t want a standardized, homogeneous travel experience.
wooden cabinets
teak tableExploration, interaction and experience are the major focus of the younger generation who are willing to pay more for a greater experience. As a result, the importance of hotel lobbies cannot be stressed enough. Hotels are moving toward a more integrated lobby model that addresses all of the aforementioned needs, offering a comfortable, convenient space in which to congregate, enjoy food and drink, socialize and conduct business. To accentuate the ambiance unique designs like the Translations (from the Canvas of Life Collection), Forest Brew (from the Canvas of Life Collection) and the Wall installation (from the Mardi Gras Collection) can come into play.

– Aarti Aggarwal

Principal Designer, KNOCK ON WOOD

Get the Festive Look !

“Diwali is the perfect time to brighten up your home and bring in that cheerful vibe. Add mirrors to open up and brighten your space, as light and colour are reflected in them,” says Aarti Aggarwal, Creative Head, Knock on Wood (KNW).

sofasSofasGet the look:

1. Wall murals are all the rage. So use wood or any other material to create a mural that adds texture to your wall.
2. Add a table near the foyer to instantly make your home look more inviting. Use this space to set up a pretty flower arrangement or just decorate it with scented candles for that festive feel.
3. Bright lights are a must for the season. Chandeliers add that extra glamour to the room, but if you are not keen on that, stick to mood lighting to liven up a dead  corner or create some drama.

– Aarti Aggarwal

Principal Designer, KNOCK ON WOOD